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Shows with No Geographic Restriction

Known for its lasting vintage image, France has considered one of the tops ranked powerful countries. One of the factors that maintained this position is the entertainment industry.

Famous Show On France TV

Multiple are the shows watched globally, France TV has no limits in terms of diversity, from the famous fashion week to craft shows. The home-town of the lemon pie is classified among the entertainment industry producer when it comes to its several streamed programs displayed on different sections.

With the approached holiday season and celebrations, the gastronomy shows are on the top of the “watch now” list. For example, the French M6 channel displays one of the most popular international cooking shows, live each Wednesday at 9 PM locally.

The Show’s Essence

Inspired by the British show “The Great British Bake-off”, the French version got launched in 2012, bringing together talented bakers from all the corners of France, in addition to some which are from Belgium. My friend Mike, owner of Newcastle painting was lucky enough to participate in the show once.

Despite the level of the contestants, everyone has a fair chance of winning. Each episode is based on a theme, uneven in terms of difficulty, it could be chocolate today, and it could be a cake inspired by a local Brazilian bird. 

Although the primary purpose of the show is to introduce the champion to the unlimited sweets world, it remains an entertainment family cooking show.

Social Media’s Interaction with the Performances

The Best Baker earned its place on social media platforms with tweets after each episode’s ending, balancing between claims of the unfair jury choice represented by the chef Cyril Lignac, the blogger Mercotte, and a chef surprise. Or, congratulate the winner, as it was the case in the previous season after Camille’s winning and Stephanie’s loss. Also, umpteen audiences had gathered on Facebook groups, whether to share their interpretation of the theme or get inspired as well.

However, the show can be seen from any ZIP code in the world, on TV, tablet, or smartphone. According to statistics, the show had over 2.91 million viewers by the end of 2019, not to mention the increasing numbers during the newest coronavirus lockdown. Without putting into account the replay on the site.

Visioning Stats and Future Promises

Not only that, but the shows divers from travelling, to sports nutrition so that the viewer could surf all day through the French channels. As claimed by Isabelle Lellouche Filliau on her Mediametrie site: French television is on high consumption with 3h40minutes average visioning daily, with an increase of 6 minutes viewing in 2018. Nevertheless, this audience can reach out to 23 million viewers by the end of the evening.

Thus, even with the provided shows on France TV network, individual channels are restricted, and geo-localization plays a role. Depends, if the channel’s taxes are high, or low and if the license is not permitted. This action is unavailable on the phone, but the changes are promising, and the restrictions will be invalid to the world shortly.