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Seven Ways to Receive French News

It is becoming crucial to stay updated in front of the latest global events. From economic status to natural disasters, people intend to keep up daily.

Whether you are a French residing abroad, or just a fan of the country, here are the seven ways to stay up to date.

News Channels

The number of French channels covering the news is countless, but it is the best way to obtain updates.

Most of the time, it is a live feed, and on the other, it could be registered but played over again.

The well-known reliable channels are paid or can be used only through a VPN like TF1, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 24, and many others.

The topics vary from a full cover on local incidents, like the attack on the Catholic Church.

Also, government resolutions, and ministers meeting till the world’s market, and the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, sports news and the weather have their spot in the busy schedule.

News channels often bring a special guest for an exclusive interview, which leads to another way of getting the news.

Online French Journals

The free press is the update of the century. For the lovers of antique journals, this is the touch of modernity.

French online journals are available on smart-phones, tablets, or even personal computers. There is not much difference in what has been seen on TV.

Online journals cover most of the topics and are highly in demand—for example, Le Figaro, Le Monde, and Le Parisien.

Many more of these portable journals are available online, free.

Compared to the paid news channel, online journals can be in the accessibility to everyone and could be found using any searching engine.

Google Play Journal apps

With four stars rate, France TV is no longer difficult to access. All the channels, programs, and shows are one click away from being displayed on your phone.

On Google play, it is enough to download a journalistic application for more specification up to date info by various headline notifications.

Official Web Pages

One of the easiest ways to literate on the news, yet more likely ignored by people with high profile devices, is the official web page of France TV.

The page contains all programs from different channels along with the date and hour played on TV.

This source is vital for many people who want to access specific information.


French interviews somehow manage to turn from a simple informative one on one dialect to a debate based on the different ideas brought to the table.

Interviews are still a reliable source of information. Whether it is an interview with the head minister or the mayor, piles of inside information could be released.


Journalistic France TV reports have the premier role. Specifically, in getting the perspective of the French insight on international conflicts or events.

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Reports can be heard on the radio, as well on TV. Mainly, it covers an incident, a human activity, or a natural disaster. Internally or behind borders.

Although there are inestimable cases to cover, France TV’s main aim of reports is the propagation of the global pandemic inside of its regions.


This could be an old fashioned method to get news, but documentaries remain the solid base of which many studies were done. Experimented researchers do the standpoint of documentaries. All the ways mentioned before could turn into a document with an in-depth look inside the French TV given information.

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It covers intriguing talking points, even if it means cultural debates. By viewing documentaries, the person can build a judgment with concrete proofs on previous news.

It is supreme to know that French TV official channels have full command on the number one access to a reliable newscast. There could be fake news channels that spread untruthful information.

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