How Can France TV Fill Your Day

It is significant for France TV to maintain its viewer satisfaction through various programs played on several channels.

Here’s how France TV could fill your day.

Talk Show

Just like other countries, France TV has its talk shows. Countless they are when it comes to the jewel of it. But we can recognize one by the name of Don’t touch my TV, the talk show saw the light on April 1st, 2010, on the C8 channel and France 4. It got watched by over 1.97M people by January 29th, 2016.

Presented by Cyril Hanouna and Julien Courbet (2017), the show has arrived in season 11 with approximately 1,423 episodes.

“Do not touch my TV”; like other versions of it, is based on humour and star gossip. The guests are more likely to be singers, actors to discuss their news, and upcoming ones.

Culture Show

This category enriches by choices and subcategories like literature, opera and music, festivals, and many more.

One of the rich shows is History of art; the show combines all the stories and aspects of the artistic universe from all centuries.

The episode’s timing is different from one episode to another by length. Each study case is unique and requires a deep understanding.

Nature Show

There is room for nature equally. Streamed on France TV, Wild France; presented by Ray Mears, started in 2015.

The show is about a cultural trip to the wild side of France, including mountains, valleys, and forests. Not to mention the behaviour of the nation’s wildlife.

Traveling Show

We cannot think of the word travelling without thinking about the famous show, Beautiful Escapes.

Presented by four travelling geeks, the show’s average episode timing is 90 minutes long. It started in 2006, and now it has passed 14 seasons with 301 different destinations.

The show’s essence is discovering new territories as well as changing the traditional ideas about other cultures and races.

Beautiful escape brings together all the diversity into one place.

Games Show

Just like the Westerns, the French are also big fans of games. Under the entertainment division, we meet the game One Word Can Hide Another.

Presented by Laurence Boccolini, OWCA is on your France 2 channel from Monday to Friday at 10:35 AM.

The theme is simple; uncover a word depending on another. Each day two candidates confront each other in a word war.

Gastronomy Show

Food and beverage are considered necessary in daily life. This is why France TV makes sure to deliver a quality cooking show to satisfy the eyes before the stomach.

Julia’s Journal is one of the famous shows played. Presented by Julie Andrieu, it is displayed each Saturday at 4:10 PM on France 3.

Julia does not introduce her recipes only but also discover the culinary traditions of the French kitchen.

Disney Show

Without forgetting, the pleasure of the adults starts from the satisfaction of the kids. France TV has special programs for young ones.

Miraculous, Adventures Of The Lady Bug, And The Black Cat is the children’s favourite. Arrived at its season 4, the ladybug, created by Thomas Astruc, was first seen on September 1st, 2015.

The show is about a mission given to ladybug to save Paris from attacks.

Those are only a pitch from the famous list of French TV. The creation and diversity are flooding through the channels, and some are available on Netflix.